Yes, we would love to offer free reviews and this is something we will be rolling out in the near future as we continue to generate other revenue streams. 

Currently, we pay very competent music editors to listen to your music and write a comprehensive review. Then, we pay administrative staff to approve the review and publish it on Exposed Vocals. Additionally, we pay promoters to increase the reach of your new publication to help drive in some new fans for you! We do not make money on this as we're only charging $14.99 per write-up. We firmly believe at Exposed Vocals, that artists should be paid for the music that they spend so much time and money to produce! This is the same reason why we pay our editors and promoters for their ability to delivery great results for our clients. 

I know most of you make music for the love of music, and you're not in for the money... That's the way it should be! You also need to eat, right? Start to think of your music as business. (If you're not already!)  A business that you're growing to the point where you can start making money real money from. At some point you will need to invest in your music (business) so that it can grow to the point where you can enjoy your ROI. (return on investment) If you're not willing to invest in your music, then you cannot realistically expect your fans to either... 

We do not charge you or "get rich" off of your music. We simply believe in paying our editors and promoters for the great work they do for us while keeping costs as low as possible for you, the struggling and unsigned artists. Obviously, if you're signed and you have a label backing you - this isn't your issue. 

Now that you know what is involved and considering the fact that we only charge $14.99 per review, is it really realistic to expect this for FREE? We all love free stuff and we'd love to offer this at no charge, but our editors and promoters need to eat as well.