Many people ask "what is the difference between the "Red Pill" and the "Blue Pill"

"Blue Pill" - we're going to publish your interview "As Is". This is done for FREE. This does not include your images, bio or music links. It also does not include promotion. You can search for your interview under the "Interviews" tab on our website and share the link with your fans. 

"Red Pill" - we're going to send your music to our Senior Editor for a featured music review. Rebecca, has a Masters in Song Writing and is an established musician herself. She's going to sit down and listen you your music and write a full, comprehensive review of your track (s). We will feature this write-up on our platform and promote it throughout our network. Additionally, upon request, we will add your featured image, music and bio to your interview publication and promote that as well. 

Additionally, we've partnered with Kiss 104.7 FM in AL/GA and Phoenix 98.0 FM in the U.K - we're going to send them BOTH your track for airplay consideration. 

When you're finished with your free interview, you will be presented with two options. The Red Pill or the Blue Pill. Please choose a pill.