If you're wondering why your image, text and music links are not posted with your interview - that's because you decided to go with the Blue Pill (Free) publication. Your interview will be published "As Is" and cannot be edited. Please do not request from your account manager that your interview be updated. They can not help you. Our system does not allow 'blue pill' submissions to be edited:


We process hundreds of interviews a month and in order to get them all published in timely manner, we need to implement a strict "no edit" policy for ALL free publications. This allows us to focus our efforts on current reviews and promotions so we can dedicate the proper amount of time to users that are paying to use our service. Please check the interview tab on our homepage to find your interview. You will not be notified when it's published because we have no way of knowing which publication is yours. You will need to simply comeback and check. What can you do? 

If you'd like your interview edited to add your image, music links and text. Please purchase the Red Pill option for $19.99 (We will switch your account over to the 'Red Pill' version (now we can edit it)  What do you get with the Red Pill?

  1. Your Interview is open for editing
  2. We add your music
  3. We add your featured image
  4. we add text (If we have it)
  5. Your interview is published immediately

Even more importantly you get: 

  1. A featured music Review
  2. You will send us (1) track and our editor will listen and write a featured story on you and your music. 
  3. This is then published on Exposed Vocals and promoted. 

You get all of this for $19.99 (Red Pill)